Batwing Fairing for the Honda Rebel 1100
Get ready to roll in style with our new Honda Rebel 1100 fitments!

Here at Memphis Shades, we prioritize top-notch windshields and fairings. Manufactured right here in Memphis, Tennessee, we can guarantee you the best products on the market.

Memphis Shades designed and perfectly curated fitments that are sure to take your Rebel 1100 to the next level. Our team understands just how important it is to get the right fit, and we pride ourselves on a quality product.

If you’re on the hunt for a windshield or fairing for your Honda Rebel 1100, look no further. We’ve got an array of high-quality windshields and fairings that will make any journey down the highway much more stylish and smoother - cruise in style and comfort.

Check out what we offer for the Honda Rebel 1100!

Honda Rebel 1100 Gauntlet™ Fairing

Gauntlet™ Fairing for the Honda Rebel 1100

Maxed out with practicality, this minimalistic made in Memphis fairing is a winner in our books. Sleek style and torso protection make up two of the handy features on the Gauntlet Fairing. Glossed with a black finish on the exterior, the Gauntlet Fairing for 2021 – 2023 Honda Rebel 1100 is a game-changer. Our Trigger-Lock™ mounting hardware which allows you to quickly and easily remove the fairing without the use of any tools. This Gauntlet fitment requires both a headlight extension kit and the relocation of front turn signals.

Batwing Fairing for the Honda CMX Rebel 1100

Etched with a flawless aerodynamic design, this Memphis-made gem makes for the perfect addition to your Honda Rebel 1100. If you’re looking to customize for comfort, both our Standard and Spoiler Windshields come in a variety of colors and heights that are tailored to your choice.

The Batwing Fairing for 2021 – 2023 Honda CMX Rebel 1100 utilizes the revolutionary Trigger-Lock mounting hardware which features an innovative system that allows you to quickly and easily remove your Batwing fairing without the use of any tools. Requires a headlight extension kit, as well as the relocation of your front turning signals is required.

El Paso Sportshield for the Honda Rebel 1100

Honing in on a handful of heights and colors to choose from, upping your riding game just got even easier. Boasting torso protection, El Paso Sportshield for 2021 – 2023 Honda Rebel 1100 makes for the ultimate addition to your motorcycle. Our revolutionary Trigger-Lock mounting hardware allows you to change the angle of the shield, as well as remove it without tools. Requiring no relocation of turn signals, this sportshield is easy and hassle-free.

Hand Guards for Honda CMX Rebel 1100

Protect your hands while riding your Honda Rebel 1100 with our hand guards. Made specifically for the Rebel 1100, these motorcycle hand guards are designed to protect your hands from wind and weather.

Whether you’re a fan of the El Paso Sportshield, Gauntlet Fairing, Batwing Fairing, or a set Hand Guards we can guarantee you’ll be stoked with these marvelous made in Memphis products. Riding down the highway just got a heck of a lot more hassle-free, thanks to these game-changing fairings and windshields.

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