Hot Wing

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  • CFD designed, real world tested - Boosts air stream up about 3” while smoothing the flow
  • Allows use of shorter shield
  • Attaches to any Road King, Fat Boy, Heritage or Memphis Fats windshield using injection molded glass filled nylon clamps.
  • Santoprene pads grip the windshield but do not mar the surface
  • “Ghost” shade - a neutral tint with 85% light transmission barely noticeable, with just enough tint to make the edges disappear


Hot Wing Fits: Road King, Fat Boy, Heritage and Memphis Fats.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is specialized software used to evaluate air flow around 3-D shapes. Windshield designs developed using CFD may be analyzed with hundreds of variations before prototypes are tested in real-world riding conditions to validate the results.