Batwing Fairing for 2011 - 2017 Yamaha XVS1300 Stryker

SKU: MEM7031
Availability: Ships in 2 - 3 Days
For your convenience, the correct hardware for your Yamaha Stryker is paired with your fairing selection. Must select hardware from dropdown box.
  • Clean aerodynamic shape.
  • Inner structure is black ABS.
  • Windshields are available in three heights and seven translucent colors.
  • Optional wind deflectors for increased downward airflow.
  • Trigger-Lock mount kits allow you to quickly and easily remove or install your fairing.
  • Fairing is pre-drilled and fitted with push out hole plugs for easy wind deflector installation.
  • Windshield Tri-pouch for storage and fairing trims for style are also available.
  • Optional wind deflectors for increased downward airflow.

Trigger-Lock™ Mounting Hardware

The revolutionary Trigger-Lock mounting hardware features an innovative system that allows you to quickly and easily remove your windshields without the use of any tools. Each kit is model specific and custom-fit to each style of bike for a truly no-hassle installation.

  • Angle Adjustable
  • Model specific no-hassle installation, then on-off without tools.
  • A pair of glass-filled nylon latches lock it down until the spring loaded "Trigger-Locks" are intentionally disengaged.
  • Guaranteed never to rust or tarnish. Made exclusively of electrocoated aluminum and stainless steel, with stainless steel fasteners.
  • Anchoring hardware is the same for all windshields and fairings for each bike.
  • Made in the U.S.A. - Made in Memphis!

Trigger-Lock Mount Kits vs Plates Only Kits

Trigger-Lock™ Mounting Kits consist of anchoring hardware (the part that stays on the bike), and mounting plates (the part that connects the fairing or windshield to the bike). “Plates Only” kits can be use when you already have Memphis Shades Trigger-Lock anchoring hardware on your bike. For example, if you already run, say, a Bullet fairing, you could mount a windshield or another fairing using “Plates Only”.