Picking the Right Windshield or Fairing for you FAQS

How do I know what windshield height to purchase?

Most riders like to be able to see over their windshields. But in order to do this and still get ample protection, the windshield must reach up between the tip and the bridge of a riders nose. If it doesn't, a rider will experience mild to severe buffeting. Many riders like looking through their windshields, but what they often fail to account for is rain. When it rains everyone has to look over the top of the windshield in order to see clearly. When choosing a windshield it's vital a rider chooses one that isn't so high that he or she can't comfortably extend themselves to see up over the top of the windshield. For the most accurate fitment possible, please stop in at a Local Dealer near you and use our "Windshield Sizing Guide"

What is a Plates Only kit?

A Plate Only kit contains mounting plates only, whereas a complete mounting kit contains anchoring hardware (stays on the bike), AND, mounting plates (that stay on the shield or fairing). Note: Kits with mounting plates are either Trigger Lock kits (no-tool removal) or Quick Change kits (Allen wrench required for removal). Trigger Lock mounting plates WILL NOT go on Quick Change anchoring hardware, and vice versa. (Trigger Lock anchoring hardware is easily identified as it has four 1" polymer bushings, to accept Trigger Lock mounting plates.) If you have Memphis Shades Trigger Lock anchoring hardware already installed on your bike, you can mount a Memphis Fats, Memphis Slim, Memphis Shades Sportshield, or Batwing Fairing on your bike simply by purchasing a shield or fairing, and the applicable Plate Only kit.

How do I know which HD Replacement windshield is right for me?

Memphis Shades produces different types of HD replacement plastic, each in various heights, colors and gradients. To make sure you get the correct family type, we recommend that you measure the spacing of the hole pattern of your current HD windshield, and match them to the Memphis Shades product.