Memphis Slim

Harley Davidson Slim Shades | Memphis Shades

  • Slimmed-down version of Memphis Fats is 18" wide
  • Windshield accents are polished.
  • Popular American styling with 7 gradient colors as well as clear and solid DOT solar.
  • 18" W with 2 standard heights.
  • All Victory models use the 9" headlight size.
  • All hardware is CNC-machined billet aluminum and polished stainless steel.
  • Optional lowers available for additional windshield coverage.
  • NEW! Now installs using our Trigger-Lock mounting hardware - sold separately. Allows you to quickly and easily remove or install your windshield without tools.

Memphis Slim has all the same styling of the ever-popular Memphis Fats, just slimmed down. Measuring just 18” wide, the Slim comes in all 7 colors along with Clear and Solar, and 2 different heights, 15” and 17” tall.

Constructed and designed with all the same quality as it’s big brother, the Slim offers the same classic styling, just with a tighter look and pushing a bit less wind.

  • 15" Slim
  • 17" Slim
15" Memphis Slim 7" Headlight9" Headlight
Suggested Retail $167.95 $167.95
Gradient Black MEM4111 MEM4121
Gradient Ruby
Gradient Teal MEM4113 MEM4123
Gradient Purple
Gradient Yellow MEM4115 MEM4125
Gradient Blue
Gradient Orange 2313-0019 2313-0021
Night Shades 2313-0104 2313-0105
17" Memphis Slim 7" Headlight9" Headlight
Suggested Retail $177.95 $177.95
Gradient Black MEM4211 MEM4221
Gradient Ruby
Gradient Teal MEM4213 MEM4223
Gradient Purple
Gradient Yellow MEM4215 MEM4225
Gradient Blue
Gradient Orange 2313-0020 2313-0022
Night Shades 2313-0106 2313-0107