Pop Top

  • Two inches taller than the handlebar-mounted Shooter windshield.
  • Seven gradient translucent colors as well as solar.
  • Made of ICI Lucite© for excellent clarity and weather-resistance.
  • Minimally sized windshield.
  • Measures 18” Width X 16” Height above headlight.
  • All hardware is CNC-machined billet aluminum and polished stainless steel.
  • NEW! Now installs using our Trigger-Lock mounting hardware - sold separately. Allows you to quickly and easily remove or install your windshield without tools.

Pop Top SportshieldWith 9" cutout
Suggested retail price $85.95
Gradient Black
Gradient Ruby MEP5522
Gradient Purple MEP5524
Gradient Blue MEP5526
Gradient Burnt Orange
Solar MEP5529
All mounting hardware sold separately

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