Hell Cat

Universal Hell Cat Shades | Memphis Shades

  • Looks great on today's wide-body motorcycles.
  • Two-point Handlebar Mount.
  • Seven gradient translucent colors as well as solar.
  • Made of Lucite© for excellent clarity and weather-resistance.
  • Measures 20” Width X approximately 18” Height above headlight.
  • Polished billet aluminum handlebar clamp that fits 1" and 7/8" handlebars.
  • All hardware is CNC-machined billet aluminum and polished stainless steel.


Hell Cat (2 Point Mount) Part Number
Suggested retail price $177.95
Gradient Black
Gradient Ruby MEM1712
Gradient Purple MEM1714
Gradient Blue MEM1716
Gradient Brunt Orange
Solar MEM1719